Thursday, 6 March 2014

"ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE…………….!!!!!”

It is in the middle of a quick thought. That moment you’re lost in your small mind-runs. Then, BOOOM! A thought criss-crosses your mind. Like a rat beneath your feet. Fast but easy to notice without a trace. What is LOVE? Why LOVE? How do you tell its LOVE? Where does LOVE come from or go? Is LOVE worth it? When do you tell you are in LOVE? Then again you wonder. Is LOVE what people say, do, showcase, and mean or what? Damn LOVE!!!!!!!! Look at the world today. Lots of divorces, homeless kids, broken promises, heart-broken peasants and the rich alike, oooooh yeah, “we mend broken hearts”, reads the sign on the electricity pole. Shush! Dr. Ali Mwanakombe-------you want to find LOVE come I will help you. And the latest add on the screens. Talk of dial No. ********* to find your true LOVE. Not to forget the calculator that is supposedly measuring the degree of LOVE between couples, do you buy this? Yet again, people still want to love, fall in love, live for love, and treasure love. Why? Why? Why? Why?

The world is twisted. Many just wish to be in the past. When love was worth fighting for. No running, no quitting, we in this for life. How the world has changed. Many have been short changed. The real thing denied. Never again to want to taste but of course you were blind. They say you fall in love. But I wonder when you stopped to look where you are going. The way is covered with lots of potholes and hijackers alike. People who hijack your heart. With or without your consent. Bribe their way to your heart. Without your mind’s notice. All in the name of love to suffice or satisfy their desires.  There is a thin line between love and lust. The latter is taking charge while the former takes the back seat. No wonder they look at the back pocket only to realize they were blindfolded and never noticed the side pocket.

After watching a  customer at a fuel station do a karaoke on a particular song live in a show. I was amazed, my mouth wide agape. She is really good. But again, the song was so brutal and direct that sanity sunk in immediately the lyrics came to a standstill. I couldn't help but get lost in the mind of the singer. Yes, yes, yes, yes, soooooooo true, the world is twisted, what people do, or are prepared to do, all in the name of love. The chorus goes…….
“……….some of them are there to use you.
Some of them are there to be used by you.
Some of them are there to abuse you.
Some of them are there to be abused by you.
Travel the world and the seven seas.
Everybody is looking for something”

All over the world same crap same old adage. "Everyone is looking for something!" Be it in love, be it in business. Be it in work, be it in vacation. The big question is what are you looking for? Ready to use or be used? Abuse or abused? You be the judge. Whining and dinning. Crying and laughing. Kissing and killing. Marrying and divorcing, All in the name of love. Right, left and center. Relationships crop up. Kissing the many frogs goes the myth. Sex be the objective, find it in a relationship. Achieve our goals but for what cost????? Your time? Money? Emotional health? Temple? Sanity? What for?

My question is, why board the ship  if you don’t know its destination. Why even start if you don’t know the end. I will try and learn but instead you trample and rumble. Many mistakes don’t make a right. Again any bus will take you anywhere. When you don’t know where you are going. Just know how to be the driver. Don’t sail with the wind be smart like an eagle. And use it to sway to greater heights. Without much efforts indeed. If it’s not a REAL –ationship then quit and wait. I read a quote “If marriage is not the goal, why are you in a relationship?” . If you can’t answer this question at the wink of an eye then RUN, RUN with your things, RUN for your life. You are either being used or abused, just in the name of LOVE.

Not unless you are sure. Then make it your rule. Follow your heart but don’t leave your mind behind. A friend sent me a text that really defines the people in my life, their role and most definitely their intentions. If you not sure of who is who. Time to do an audit. Don’t allow people with baggage to bug you. If they aren't of value to you or you can’t be of any value to them then, SELECT-SHIFT-DELETE. Don’t accommodate mediocrity, unless you want to be mediocre. An argument with a fool doesn't make you better. So be the person who cleans their house often without fail with an agenda. 

Do you know someone who will bring the best in you, love you unconditionally, be there for you in thick times or blessed times, not steal your breath away but protect it from harm. Then you might as well be the luckiest person alive.  I finish with the text from a friend…….

“In life, you will realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will LOVE you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it.”

© William Murithi 2014

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