Thursday, 20 March 2014

To All Men:

While going through my FB wall. I came across a friend's post. One that instantly caught my attention without much effort. It was titled "To All Me:". Woooow. Short and clear. No hidden message let alone misguided attention. Quickly as a matter of affirmation, no acclamation. I clicked and read. This really spewed some deep thought with emotional connection. Come one I couldn't help but scrutinize every line penned down. Oooooh , what an emotional madness it was. But couldn't agree more. Men need to man-up. Not only be quick to donate or is it put some spermatozoa to waste but also incarcerate  their braincells in the process. 

Men, am sorry but have to share this with you. I have seen more likes from the women. Though I wonder. Where is one to the Ladies. I joke, I need to pen one down. Yes, sought of like share my perspective. Really, a woman would think. But I quickly say, Men are also human. Time to share my 'Two Sense'. If you thought its only famine damn you, if with muscles this big, we have a heart that longs for love. Please, save me the bashing for later. You might run yourself dry before its time. 

Here is the long awaited message to "All the Men" You heard me right. Men, get some hankie. 

1. Before you start a relationship with a lady, you must think carefully
about what you are about to do. A relationship is not something you
should rush into or handle lightly.

2.Are you ready for a relationship with her? Are you emotionally,
mentally and spiritually mature to meet her needs?
3. Being sexually attracted to her means absolutely nothing. It isn’t a
sign of likeness, love or any other thing your mind may come up
with. It may just be your hormones messing with your mind. A
woman is more than her body and her sexuality. She has a life which
you should be able to blend with. Can you do that?

4. This lady has a history. Can you handle it? She has a past. Can
you handle it? Can you handle her mistakes, failures and
weaknesses? Can you handle her dreams without being intimidated
and becoming jealous?

5. She already had a life before she met you. Can you fit into and
help improve her life?

6. Love is commitment. Are you ready to commit your life to helping
her grow and become all that she can be, by God’s grace?

7. Is she valuable enough for you to devote a large portion of your
life towards the accomplishment of HER dream? Are you ready to
pour your resources into making her all the Lord plans for her to be?
If you are not ready, don’t just bother.

8. Before you open your mouth to say ‘I love you’, ask yourself if this
is not just a moment of ‘emotional madness’. A lady needs much
more than ‘I love you’. She needs your commitment. If you are not
ready to make that commitment that will lead to marriage, please
leave her alone in peace and stop wasting her.

That said and done. Do your best. Just don't be a beast. 

Is It Done or Mr MeH, stands a Chance?

Seen the difference? 
I remember it was this one morning, walked from the house (long stretch to the stage) oozing with life. Ready to go, ready to face the day, the sun was shining. Bright rays nothing to hide. Far from sight, distant of thought. I never wanted to digress, but stick to a pointless blame of thoughtfulness for a critical mind. Engage or disengage, impress or digress. At some point thought I’d whistle, maybe hum to the birds’ tunes. The crickets’ are slumber.  Felt like a demigod high above my normal temperament. A day full of promises, pregnant with grace if not favour.  I can’t ask for more, for I know we are all the same in God’s own eyes. Truth be told, lest you were born not of a woman but of a lethargy baboon.

Now, allow me back to my walk. As I approached the stage, a quick note to the brain. Don’t be quick to hustle. Check the metro muscle before you run for the kill. As in, previous day, a tout, well known to me, or not even known at all. One half of a pair of a Siamese twin. One I’d call a day robber who duped me a 20 shilling coin. If my memory serves me right, two days ago I remembered as I boarded the metro my fare was 80 shillings but on alighting, it had sky-rocketed to 100 shilling…… a 25% increase in that 30 minutes ride. Hell NO, should I have blamed this on the economy as in Serikali (Government). I wonder what had changed. Not even a mellow dramatic moment befitted the naval navigation of hatred in my head. I say never to burst out of a nervous breakdown. But I quenched my thirst with my own saliva. I am too furious but this time well-handled from within. Once bitten twice clever. But anyway I got on with my stupid thoughts.

From a distant a face, very familiar approached. Well, very eager to digress from my horizon like a flash of lightning, without much of an apology to make. Behind the metro it disappeared but indeed reappeared from the rear of the metro. Isn't that Mr. MeH, a thought to self? Is he going my direction? Do I say hi? For a minute I was gazed to the direction without a quick discern as to what was happening. Good lord, I thought. My mind with disgust or is it pain from deep within.

Mr. MeH, has kept locks nice colour and well kempt, though he wore a cap, which only left the posterior of the browned chocolate locks hanging.  To my amusement, Mr. MeH wasn't a passenger like me but rather a crew. Really, his adrenaline was lighting up,put into good use, is it? Bang Bang Bang, beba beba beba……. I heard the shrieking voice shout out to the passengers standing by. Oooooooh No, I couldn't help but feel disappointed. A huge bump of saliva swirled high like a tornado flashed down my already drying trachea. I couldn't believe what my eyes were seeing neither what my ears heard. What Mr. MeH is a tout?

Why is he a tout?  What happened? Did he finish university? Quick thought flourished through my oxygen starving brain.

Many will wonder why I was so bitter concerning Mr. MeH. Not because I Loathe touts but honestly, not him. It kills me to say this but I have to say it.

Back in high school during my time, Mr. MeH was a hero, man this guy was a champion. Not only for me but also for my peers as well. Mr. MeH had joined form one with the highest marks garnering an average of 90% in his overall grade. That translates to 450/500 or 630/700 if I could remember well. This ensured he was the best student to have joined my High school. Yes, am that old I know……. This was quite impressive, though never conclusive. Did I just see a Ghost? 

I was very disappointed. Honestly, what happened between high school and now? Did he lose focus? Is our education system rotten? I mean he should be a pilot? Doctor? Engineer? Or whatever he chose to do for all I could care. But above all that, why is he a tout? I have not conclusively come up with an answer to this. I have always maintained am not and will never be judgemental. I don’t want to appear like if Judging Mr. MeH. But for heaven’s sake what really happened? I would like to hear what he’d have to say, more of hear his side of the story. Before I could make my own conclusions I’d love to walk in his pair of shoes for a mile if not five miles.

Obviously, I can’t blame our education system. I refuse to be of that school of thought. First, I have read, heard and seen some of my former high school mates become pilots, engineers, doctors, architects, IT specialist I mean I have heard and seen them make it. Second, everyone stands a second chance no matter your last achievements, or should I say (D)-isappointment or (E)-mbarrassments or (F)-ailures. I mean we can make a choice. Then I think, Is it his parents doing? Our society? Or simply the choices he has made so far?

Ladies and gentlemen, to be honest, my heart is full of resentment. I felt cheated, as I admired and even respected Mr. MeH, back then. I really was privileged and humbled to have stepped in the same class with such a genius. I mean this people whose names appear in the newspapers got some bragging rights. But fast forward I can’t comprehend what has happened. I wallow in my stupendous thoughts as I try to wrap my mind on the possible cause of this mess.

Now, my readers allow me to continue with my metro ride. I mean I have to go run some errands for me to bring back some butter. So disgusting was my ride right. But truly speaking so humbling was this experience. I see it as a call to action. Always, to do my best and make a difference in everyone I come across, even you. As in God has really been faithful. Although I didn't scope the best marks then, I couldn't be more satisfied with what I got. As , could it be me? Mr. MeH, the subject to another writer’s story? Or is it you?

I'm still on the journey. Step by step. Trying to discover what really went wrong. Mr. MeH I haven’t seen him since that encounter. I still have his face engrossed in my eyes. His voice unapologetically squeezing the drums of my ears. But again, will I ever see him again. Was I rushed to conclusion? Am I being unfair? I mean, was I even supposed to notice?  

© William Murithi 2014

Thursday, 6 March 2014

"ALL IN THE NAME OF LOVE…………….!!!!!”

It is in the middle of a quick thought. That moment you’re lost in your small mind-runs. Then, BOOOM! A thought criss-crosses your mind. Like a rat beneath your feet. Fast but easy to notice without a trace. What is LOVE? Why LOVE? How do you tell its LOVE? Where does LOVE come from or go? Is LOVE worth it? When do you tell you are in LOVE? Then again you wonder. Is LOVE what people say, do, showcase, and mean or what? Damn LOVE!!!!!!!! Look at the world today. Lots of divorces, homeless kids, broken promises, heart-broken peasants and the rich alike, oooooh yeah, “we mend broken hearts”, reads the sign on the electricity pole. Shush! Dr. Ali Mwanakombe-------you want to find LOVE come I will help you. And the latest add on the screens. Talk of dial No. ********* to find your true LOVE. Not to forget the calculator that is supposedly measuring the degree of LOVE between couples, do you buy this? Yet again, people still want to love, fall in love, live for love, and treasure love. Why? Why? Why? Why?

The world is twisted. Many just wish to be in the past. When love was worth fighting for. No running, no quitting, we in this for life. How the world has changed. Many have been short changed. The real thing denied. Never again to want to taste but of course you were blind. They say you fall in love. But I wonder when you stopped to look where you are going. The way is covered with lots of potholes and hijackers alike. People who hijack your heart. With or without your consent. Bribe their way to your heart. Without your mind’s notice. All in the name of love to suffice or satisfy their desires.  There is a thin line between love and lust. The latter is taking charge while the former takes the back seat. No wonder they look at the back pocket only to realize they were blindfolded and never noticed the side pocket.

After watching a  customer at a fuel station do a karaoke on a particular song live in a show. I was amazed, my mouth wide agape. She is really good. But again, the song was so brutal and direct that sanity sunk in immediately the lyrics came to a standstill. I couldn't help but get lost in the mind of the singer. Yes, yes, yes, yes, soooooooo true, the world is twisted, what people do, or are prepared to do, all in the name of love. The chorus goes…….
“……….some of them are there to use you.
Some of them are there to be used by you.
Some of them are there to abuse you.
Some of them are there to be abused by you.
Travel the world and the seven seas.
Everybody is looking for something”

All over the world same crap same old adage. "Everyone is looking for something!" Be it in love, be it in business. Be it in work, be it in vacation. The big question is what are you looking for? Ready to use or be used? Abuse or abused? You be the judge. Whining and dinning. Crying and laughing. Kissing and killing. Marrying and divorcing, All in the name of love. Right, left and center. Relationships crop up. Kissing the many frogs goes the myth. Sex be the objective, find it in a relationship. Achieve our goals but for what cost????? Your time? Money? Emotional health? Temple? Sanity? What for?

My question is, why board the ship  if you don’t know its destination. Why even start if you don’t know the end. I will try and learn but instead you trample and rumble. Many mistakes don’t make a right. Again any bus will take you anywhere. When you don’t know where you are going. Just know how to be the driver. Don’t sail with the wind be smart like an eagle. And use it to sway to greater heights. Without much efforts indeed. If it’s not a REAL –ationship then quit and wait. I read a quote “If marriage is not the goal, why are you in a relationship?” . If you can’t answer this question at the wink of an eye then RUN, RUN with your things, RUN for your life. You are either being used or abused, just in the name of LOVE.

Not unless you are sure. Then make it your rule. Follow your heart but don’t leave your mind behind. A friend sent me a text that really defines the people in my life, their role and most definitely their intentions. If you not sure of who is who. Time to do an audit. Don’t allow people with baggage to bug you. If they aren't of value to you or you can’t be of any value to them then, SELECT-SHIFT-DELETE. Don’t accommodate mediocrity, unless you want to be mediocre. An argument with a fool doesn't make you better. So be the person who cleans their house often without fail with an agenda. 

Do you know someone who will bring the best in you, love you unconditionally, be there for you in thick times or blessed times, not steal your breath away but protect it from harm. Then you might as well be the luckiest person alive.  I finish with the text from a friend…….

“In life, you will realize there is a role for everyone you meet. Some will test you, some will use you, some will LOVE you, and some will teach you. But the ones who are truly important are the ones who bring out the best in you. They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it.”

© William Murithi 2014

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

"Never Compromise Your Standards"

Is it the dog that wags the tail or the tail that wags the dog? So why the compromise, why lower your standards. so that you can fit into mediocrity, or others mindset. Back in the days I refused to compromise. I refused to sit on stones with hood boys chit chatting. Sorry that was a time waster for me. I loved engaging in active activities. Playing soccer, making fancy cars, from wires, milk boxes, Blueband tins. Name it. I made it. Why? I was engaging my creative abilities. I refused to chase girls around. Yes, not worth my time. I'd rather boil and crumble rather than sink and drown. Call me a coward, introverted, or Snobbish. But has anyone died because of such illnesses? So make it your culture and value not to bend-over, or compromise.

High in school. Time was of essence. The schedule spoke volumes. As in we in for business. No child play just a numbered 4 years. Was I crazy waking up weird hours of the night? Hiding during holidays to finish that Biology assignment. Naaaaah, I was never a nerd just a bookworm. I chose who to be my friend, what to say, where to hang out, and above all what to eat. No smoke was allowed, even the holy weed, not even powdered stuff. Neither did I stoop low to please the passing. But kept the focus of the high prize. Ooooh, I am still to see the fruit of this labour. I still labour and exercise my brain cells. Whilst, you eat, dine and wine. I am still laying my strategy on how to finish the race. Am Batman, yes I said am Batman. Not doing you, am doing myself that's who I am, that's how I roll.

I will not compromise for the passing wind. You want to be in my circle, work for it. Its never easy as there is no manual. But do your best your in. I'm not a Judge nor am I a plaintiff. Just that I choose wisely not by default. I intend to maintain my standards and let you be the judge. Like it or not never am I compromising. I still hold a brief. Lest you believe then can you achieve. As you work, and work harder never despair. Keep your standards high, but lower your exceptions. That is a sure way not to loose your sanity. Never quit as you never win. Winners never Quit. So I maintain my .............


© William Murithi 2014