Friday, 6 March 2015

Life is Too Funny, Get Serious With Comedy: LOL

Don’t get me wrong; there is nothing bad about foolish comedy. The kind each one of us confuse for “dry comedy” or “poor sense of humor”. One thing I have realized is that life is too funny to live through it and not get a laugh out of it. Why do we not see the funny side of life whilst we are still alive? I mean today you will meet people too serious on their work that they really seem amusing. For instance, some people wake up and prepare to go to work knowing very well that their normal route always has traffic. However, as they leave their houses they expect not to find any traffic. Is this not funny, I mean, when they hit the road and find traffic do you get angry or simply laugh at your earlier thoughts?

Recently, I read a story of two mice, Scurry and Sniff and two little people, Hem and Haw. After I had soaked my eyes after reading the pages of the book in my palms, I couldn't help but wonder. Then in a flash my memory clicked, I had surely come across this story somewhere. It took me quite a while to figure out that sometime back I had watched a cartoon on this very topic, “Who Moved my Cheese?” I could not hold back as I let a big smile cover my face, laughing at the thought of how short my memory could be. If you are reading this and you still aren't smiling, then you probably have never watched nor read the book. But again, if you are reading this after watching it and you still don’t think it’s funny, you are possibly taking life too seriously.

The whole story is about change and how some of us take time before we realize that it’s too late or things have changed. However, the writer wittingly delves into the lives of mice and people to illustrate the concept of change. For a moment he made me think that mice are much cleverer than humans. Only to realize that the very intelligence we have can sometimes be our downfall.
After Haw, the better of the two little people, realized how funny it sounded as they sat waiting for their “Cheese” to be brought back. He was compelled, perhaps, by his inner voice to take action or he would finally make a fool of himself. The thought of laughing at oneself really sounds insane. Many people will probably even think you are insane or you are going down that road soon.  How many people find themselves or their life funny? Or how many can laugh at their own jokes without being seen to be weird?

Living in today’s world comes with its own challenges from working long shifts to pay bills, to writing assignments to meet deadlines, to hopping on the train to visit friends. Everything sounds like really hard work. One of the story’s lessons is to laugh at yourself, as this is the most effective way to motivate yourself to change.

As you go through your life, make fun of yourself; find things to laugh about in your life. By doing this, dancing in the rain when you know you will be soaked in water makes more sense than scurrying off to the nearest shelter when it starts to rain, while you risk breaking your limbs.

Hopefully, I have convinced you why life need not be too serious, and that once in a while you should make fun of yourself or even try out comedy. But if you can’t laugh at your jokes, attend comedy gigs and laugh as comedians make fun of you all day and night. Then take the comedy too seriously and make changes so that your life is even funnier.  (By this phrase, I mean when you go to the comedy show you will have a good laugh even if comedians make fun of you, if you can laugh at a comedian making fun of your issues (e.g. weight issues, ignorance, look, beliefs etc.) then surely you can take his/her jokes seriously and make your life funnier (means better than before), thus by Laughing at yourself it will motivate you to make changes in life, thus improve your life. 

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