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Five Reasons Why Men Should Dress Women with Respect not Undress them as Prospects.

For the last few days I have watched in agony the unfolding of what I will call the “societal subterfuge” of the rot in our society. A few men, I repeat a few bogus me, both on the ground clothed as “foot soldiers”, (sarcastically known as touts) and on social media, masquerading as the “fashion cops”, (politely known as chauvinists) of what is the right or wrong dress code for women. As I refuse to be drawn into a miniature argumentative verbalism, I will leave that to the so called fashion watchdogs.

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I have intentionally left my comments to this late to simply allow the dust to settle so that I can address this issue in consideration of all perspectives without hindsight. As I always say, I think before I talk, so do I think before I blog. Over the last few days, I have seen people persecuted, some literally crucified on social media for taking sides. Whether you support #MydressMychoce or #NudityisNotmyChoice, my take is your opinion is as valid as mine. However, as human beings with common sense (though I know it’s not common to everyone) we should all first uphold RESPECT for women, before condemning their choice of dressing. It is a situation of putting the cart before the donkey, not the other way round.

Now, I simply think both sides have lost the fight and miserably failed to address the main issues, rather they have undressed their Nincompoop-mediocre reasoning whether of chauvinists, feminists, sexists, atheist or men of the cloth. Literally they have publicly slept and dinned with the devil himself without their knowledge by merely pursuing short-lived pleasurable innuendos as being the first to rant their two- cents sentiments.

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Forgive me for the hardheaded and soiled words, it feels like insults but this is what happens when a sane mind, I mean a mind that is functional, can get when such despicable inhumane acts can be unleashed to the very species that is we-men- not only share same class but the very beings that have been sacrificed to bring forth the children of our motherland. Now, to avoid digressing from expressing my sentiments let me try and articulate why I believe men should RESPECT WOMEN and all beings (quite sarcastic to see such a placard displayed, speaks volume of the emotive motive)

#1 “A Woman brought you to this world hence you have no right to disrespect one”- Tupac. No matter how big or small, short or long D*** head you have grown to be, she gave her all to see you forth into this life. If you don’t give a hoot about that, ask the millions either drained down the sewer system or the dead an buried in cemeteries what it felt like being aborted or struggled to death and denied an opportunity to live. Absolutely, for this very reason a WOMAN deserves respect, whether she is your blood relative or not.

#2 God created man to protect not neglect, embrace not disgrace a WOMAN –Mathew 2:18-25. It is such a disgrace to see a MAN turn into a beast and devour the very flock he is supposed to look after. Who shall the flock run too? As men folk we should live to our desired obligations not misuse the very strength freely given to cause malicious havoc. Then, and only then, shall we please our Lord.

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#3 As a man you have an obligation to control your thoughts, not let your desires control your upstairs. How then can your fellow men or even your own children respect you back if you are quick to blame your poor judgment on your aroused penis as a replacement to your brain? Remember, respect is earned not demanded, if you respect women then they respect you.

#4 Any forceful undressing of a WOMAN amounts to RAPE and nothing less.  Any man who undresses a woman either in private or in public without her utter consent beyond doubt is a RAPIST and a MANIAC, a disgrace to humanity. He deserves to face the bullet as he has defamed the very nudity he is trying hard to cover. Nothing falls short of honor than a man who undresses a WOMAN without her consent looks into eyes and goes home smiles at his mother, wife, sister, daughter or any lady. Simply you are a BEAST.

#5 It is not in the nature of man to “Mansplain” instead men should be able to simply explain their displeasure with a situation. When the menfolk become a pack of complainers then the society is thrown into a pandemonium as we have witnessed the last few days.  Men should be leaders who only seek to show direction. If you cannot respect your mother or even wife or daughter, then respect yourself that way you can be respected. Let’s not put the entire menfolk into jeopardy, the world still need us.

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That said I rest my pride as a man and instead call upon our ladies to also try and swallow theirs as I have found it does not get you fat in any way. I admit that the world is no longer in the hands of our forefathers neither in our own. However, the developments have tremendously threatened to take us back to where we have fought to move from, the Stone Age era. Many women today have ignorantly tried to compete with their great grandmothers who were unfortunate not to have seen what clothes looked like.  They expose what is meant to be disposed; they seek to draw forth what is supposed to be withdrawn from, whereas they want to get away with such atrocious acts in the midst of the prying perverted eyes of their opposites. I mean it’s like an antelope attempting to catwalk in the midst of hungry pack of lions assuming that the lions might not be having teeth to do any harm. Simply, you put yourself at the mercy of beast.

The earlier we all realize that the human race is faced by an imminent catastrophic disaster pitying pornographic exposure vs. Moral decorum then the faster we will all put our heads together and instead of undressing the dress we then address the test. In the meantime let’s retrace our tracks and find out where we actually went wrong in the first place. Together we stand divided we fall.

 I subscribe to DIGNITY, RESPECT AND JUSTICE FOR ALL, a good course it is. 

William Murithi, © 2014

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