Thursday, 24 April 2014

An Open Letter to My Mystery Lover

“Love is an endless mystery, for it has nothing else to explain it” –Rabindranath Tagore

Pen and paper on my desk. I am staring into thin microfilm set on the screen. My mind has wondered for a while. Where do I start? How do I even start? Though, I have never seen you in person. But through our conversations it feels like I have known you forever. I think I know you. I have grown from liking your voice to missing you. I can only imagine how it would feel. To see you, touch you, pinch your nose and tell you "YOU MUST KNOW PEOPLE." Just four words in my mouth right now "I KEEP MY PROMISES". A quick affirmation, as I make a mental note. Yes, I will……Keep my Promises……….. 

As I sit curled on the couch, with my calm demeanour, not knowingly ignoring my surroundings. I stare at the moving images on the screen. A big sigh, then I reach out with my long triangular shaped fingers. They reach out to caress your dimpled cheeks, like if you are standing next to me. I am lost in my thoughts, from deep within. With a smile on my face, I acknowledge the beautiful works of Abba Father. Seems he took ages to conceptualize your intricate beauty. Your face speaks volumes of the mason's craftiness. His value on his works is beyond reprieve. As usual “Perfect in your imperfections” just as John Legend  would have put it. I can’t help but notice the gorgeous pair of eyes staring at me. Whoever coined the phrase “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” might have had you in mind. Your nose sits flattering beyond the borough of your boundary cheek bones. A big sigh, then I make a mental note. I’d love to see your eyes when you blush………..lashes in synchronized movement, up to down strokes.

Nothing is of distraction like the tone of my ringing phone. I look up with anticipation. Reach out for it and a smile engulfs my gloomy face. How I have longed for your call. Just to hear your voice. For a reason beyond my knowledge, not even I could imagine. The thrill of speaking to you, as minute after minute passes by without a damn worry. As we share our day’s escapades, our small talk, life’s secrets and the witty use of another’s words. How did we get here? It feels like I have known you all my life. Goodness, did I just tell you that. Ooooops, how you
read my face, even from a distance amazes me to this day. It makes me want to run, run like Kipchoge, who has seen the golden necklace half a marathon away. Run like a hungry cheetah that knows it has to get only one meal before it dies. Just to grab you by your armpits, toss you in the air as I await your triumphant return to my long mob-shaped arms. I tremble with desire, that’s shocking my body’s strong resilience. I succumb to my heart’s ignorant love. That bites like a 20 year old crocodile. I can’t help but node to my thoughts, I make a mental note. I have to make all funny faces when I see you……………

“A quick walk to the poolside will salvage my weary loneliness” so I think. Or maybe might even take a swim, to chill my already warmed up spine. Just to distract my mind, and focus on the grind.  As I stroll lazily by the pool, I can’t help but imagine you seated by the pool side. As you catch up with the sweet rays from the sun above. Your multi-coloured (I mean purple-greenish brown) swim suit glued to your curvaceous body like your skin. Pampered with natural oils, your skin is a blinding sight. You seem to have come from a ripe corn bean. However, the sight of a grasshopper scares the hell out of your comfy zone. This, allows me to catch a gratifying look at the specs of your well-toned torso from the side. I drool, as your posterior dimensions could entice the sleeping Medina out of his slanderous ambitions. Without hesitation I make a mental note to self. Next time I need to carry a 100 megapixels Canon camera, to capture moments that take my breath away…………

A tear slides down the already dry cheek bone. A sign that hurriedly blends with the incredible emotions deep-rooted in the annals of my veins gives way. Without hesitation, I reach out to your heart. If only you could accept my proposal, If only you’d be mine. Nothing would make me happier than to wake up next to you. “How long will you love me?”  (I hear your voice from a far). “As long as the stars are above you, as long as I can, as long as I breathe, I will love you” Ellie Goulding . Not long to go, before I hear a thunder followed by a brightening light. For a while, I stood my fists covering my eyes, as fear engulfed my palms. What has just happened? Did I see an angel? As I pondered my experiences I could not help but make a mental note. From now henceforth, I will call you my Angel, Angel, from above the skies………..

As for now I keep my mind looking, my eyes listening and my ears open. As I await to spot that cute smile, that beautiful face somewhere amidst the crowd. I know my heart races, my mind keeps imaging, and my fingers twinkle. All with anticipation to feel, to imagine, and to touch your outbound evidenced body. But again, patience is a virtue that waits without complaint. Waits with a boundless smile, ready in anticipation years down the while. I trust in God, the author of the "STORY OF MY LIFE", the Alfa and Omega. To know what He has in store for me. For now, I take a pen and paper. I want to scribble and draw your face. Just to be sure of what to say just in case. I see you one of these fine days. I can’t help but be amused, by our continued embellished jellying with quiet a loving tone. I'm in awe of your sweet toned laughter. That not only feels my heart with joy, but also leaves my mind with forestalled anxiety. As for now, I can’t help but make a mental note. I need to make a call and set up that much anticipated date…………….check your phone in case you missed my call.

©William Murithi 2014

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