Monday, 26 August 2013

"Set Yourself Free"

I ventured out, to the past. I was hesitant but optimistic, afraid but brave. curious just to see how it feels. My mind wild guessing. My heart quietly scanning the bales of emotions. Should I should I not. Expectant or just mere curiosity. Shush! I didn't take time to think. But then am here already. Happy to be back yes, satisfied not really, curious very. Did you leave a trace, did you hold on. Move on. Killed and buried me. where are my, traces. footprints. signs anything that says I was here. Yes, am looking, checked our picture, not there. My letters, did you burn them, recycle, hide, shred, what happened. seems I was erased, from your life, dreams, heart, room, memories what else. Fact, am still there, was here, will be there, yes you will wish  I would be. Lucky I still have life, breathe, my own mind, and yes a heart to love. share love, more cause you spurred it. Made me experience how it feels to love. and be loved back with the same measure I gave. Even more.  plenty of hope that I will be happy. with lots of faith now more than ever. I will be stronger. One step at a time. One day at a time. One smile everyday. I will get there. I will one day find my rib. I have embraced my fears. My Past. My wishes. My dreams. Will you?

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